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Our services

EcoRes facilitates the transition of your organization towards sustainability through a portfolio of services that covers the whole lifecycle of an Sustainability Strategy:
• Initial assessment of your sustainability issues (360°)
• Support in defining your sustainability transition strategy
• Support in the development of innovative solutions and their implementation (from niche to scaled up solutions)
• Stakeholder engagement and integration within your ecosystem
• capacity-building for staff to sustain your transition
• Support from a network of key experts to inspire your projects
To do so, EcoRes uses different frameworks, tools and methodologies : assessment tools (Carbon Footprint, ecological footprint, sustainable food scan, Presteo (industrial symbiosis tool), Circular Scan), frameworks to support decision-making and implementation (natural step, pss evaluator, sustainable business model canvas) as well as a variety of collective intelligence tool.

Circular Economy

Ecores helps businesses and territories in formalizing their circular economy strategy

Embed your activities in an environmentally and economically virtuous loop

blue economy * regenerative economy * product service systems *performance economy *industrial ecology.

Climate Resilience

EcoRes offers guidance to businesses and territories to ensure their climate resilience

Strengthen the resilience of your activities or territory

Carbone footprint * climate strategye*  mitigation & adaptation* vulnerability study * .

Social Innovation

EcoRes prototypes social innovations embedded in the ecological transition of our society.

Experience sustainable lifestyles

Sustainable neighborhoods* community currencies * agenda 21 * bottom-up processes* change management * sustainable lifestyles